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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Planet of the Veils eBook Edition

For the masochistic reader.  A viewer from Orlando, FL USA

Norquar has killed his uncle in order to reclaim his birthright, take the throne and marry his uncle's woman, Belayla. After their wedding Norquar sends Belayla to the Planet of the Veils for strict training in the Intricacies of pleasuring men. Belayla resists the sadistic Mistress Donestra. Belayla escapes from Donestra, Norquar comes to fetch her and take her home. But once Norquar and Belayla are reunited and they start off for home Lord Cressler of Tublalos wants the beautiful heroine for himself. This story was jam-packed with action, plot and sub-plots. But I wish the author had devoted as much time to character development as in trying to create a galactic epic. The exhausting cast of characters are all one-dimensional and the dialog so bad I could hardly read two pages without laughing. The really strange thing about Planet of the Veils was that while the pleasures of sexual training were examined in minute detail, the author's voice seemed to detest the very things she described. It was like reading a glowing customer review for a cigar just to get to the final sentence where the customer declares he wouldn't smoke if the lives of his family depended on it. While I found Planet of the Veils a torture to read, I'll give it a 1 for effort, and another 1 for the smorgasbord of comical character names.