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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Planet of the Veils eBook Edition

For the masochistic reader.  A viewer from Orlando, FL USA

Norquar has killed his uncle in order to reclaim his birthright, take the throne and marry his uncle's woman, Belayla. After their wedding Norquar sends Belayla to the Planet of the Veils for strict training in the Intricacies of pleasuring men. Belayla resists the sadistic Mistress Donestra. Belayla escapes from Donestra, Norquar comes to fetch her and take her home. But once Norquar and Belayla are reunited and they start off for home Lord Cressler of Tublalos wants the beautiful heroine for himself. This story was jam-packed with action, plot and sub-plots. But I wish the author had devoted as much time to character development as in trying to create a galactic epic. The exhausting cast of characters are all one-dimensional and the dialog so bad I could hardly read two pages without laughing. The really strange thing about Planet of the Veils was that while the pleasures of sexual training were examined in minute detail, the author's voice seemed to detest the very things she described. It was like reading a glowing customer review for a cigar just to get to the final sentence where the customer declares he wouldn't smoke if the lives of his family depended on it. While I found Planet of the Veils a torture to read, I'll give it a 1 for effort, and another 1 for the smorgasbord of comical character names.


Anonymous said...

Planet of the Veils instantly grabs the readers attention with an overwhelming love shared between the King and his future Queen and the horrible lengths to which a jealous man will go to have what isn't rightfully his. Sultry Summers has done a wonderful job at building an enormous amount of history in a few pages, leaving readers drawn to certain characters and wishing for a slow agonizing end for another. Upon Norquar and Belayla's entrance into this story, readers will be cheering for them to right all the wrongs done in the past and have a future that Norquar's parents would be proud of. Once again, secondary characters will have readers gripping the pages in emotional heartache and unable to put the story down until they have been dealt with. The chemistry between Norquar and Belayla is a physical explosion and a tender heartfelt moment that will leave readers overjoyed. As the last page was turned, this reader was amazed at the journey I experienced and has me hoping there is a follow-up sequel to settle some additional scores. There is definitely a character out there that needs to be punished, one that needs to find love and her way home, and two characters readers will love to revisit. Planet of the Veils offers an emotional, erotic, and action-packed plot that this reader had to read in one setting for fear of missing something. 5 Angels! For the full review click on the link below.Reviewed by: Jessica FALLEN ANGEL REVIEWS

Anonymous said...

Author:Sultry SummersWhiskey Creek Press July 2008
Rating: 8
Okay, truth is I am already a Sultry Summers fan; I read her Gift of the Nightflyer and loved it. It is no surprise then that I went into this story expecting to like it and trying to do the unbiased reviewer type thing. I soon found that I was worried for nothing . . . from page one this story was a pleasure to dive into, and it never let me down. The characters are interesting and easily likable or easy to hate depending on who you are looking at. I was intrigued with the idea of the Planet of Veils, a sort of sexual training camp, and fascinated with the corruption that can occur when one is given so much power over another. So in all honesty, if I had never touched a Sultry Summers book before, without a doubt this one would have led me to membership in her fan club.
Reviewed By Johnna12/7

Anonymous said...

Title: Planet of the VeilsAuthor: Sultry SummersPublisher: Whiskey Creek PressReviewer:Vikky BertlingRating: 4 StarsHeat level:S I found Planet of the Veils to be interesting and fully detailed. Instead of leaving the reader to be told of the past history of the world she is creating and about the prophecy, Ms. Summers gives us the story in full, basically giving the reader two different stories in one (two for the price of one). However, our main characters are Norquar and Belayla; they both are strong in mind and body, domineering, and determined. When Belayla is sent to the Planet of the Veils she is determined not to be broken, this does take over a good portion of the books plot. While the sex and sexual scenes in this story are mostly training for Belayla and involve other people, most of the sex is enjoyable and enticing. When Norquar and Belayla come together in their loving and love, I was affected in the most wonderful way. I truly did enjoy Planet of the Veils and actually hope for another story showing more of this world and Norquar and Belayla.

Anonymous said...

Having read Planet Of The Veils and enjoyed it very much I feel I must contrast with the former post. The secondary character enhanced this book and gave it fullness allowing the main character to blossom into their full measure of love with each other. Actually there were two love stories and a hint at a third in this story. A tasty doese of BD/SM as well and a good bit of pitting of wills one against another. I would highly recomment this book and it would seem the reviewers support my views.
Some reader just cannot follow more than one story line in a book at at time, just as some people can't chew gum and walk.
Give your imagination some freedom and read Planet of the Veils
another Sunshine Reader Fan